A perfect score for the Revolt X Advanced Pro

23 May 2024

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Scored 5/5 "One of the best gravel bikes I've ridden"

Cycling Weekly editor, Steve Shrubsall, got in plenty of miles riding the Revolt X Advanced Pro in his tech bike test. He awarded the Revolt X 5/5 boasting its ‘off-road comfort’ and ‘perfect spec’.

After riding the front suspension gravel bike for approximately 500 miles, Shrubsall claimed to have zero issues with the bike. He writes “It behaves well on most terrain and can be ridden at a reasonable speed on the road.”

Of these 500 miles, the Cycling Weekly editor ridden the bike in a gravel racing scenario on the Salisbury Plains, taken it on a long-distance schlep over Snowdonia and ridden myriad routes in Hampshire and Surrey which have comprised smooth tarmac, muddy bridleways and technical descents.

Shrubsall claims that the combination of a front suspension fork and aggressive geometry was a performance boosting coupling.

“Speaking of smooth riding, the 40mm of front travel offered by the RockShox Rudy fork gave this bike an edge.”

In his final verdict, he claims that value for money you get a hell of a bike for your buck. He summarises the Revolt X by writing “From the frame down to the finishing kit and all the bells and whistles in between, few stones have been left unturned to make this one of the best gravel bikes I’ve ever ridden.”

Read the full article in the May 23rd 2024 edition of Cycling Weekly

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